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Posted by chess97

A question I want to pose to you all. If you think that everyone hates you, what are you basing that on? Nothing because you don't know everyone in the world. If you think people will reject you, they might well do but maybe not aswell. You might feel bad now but there's a possibility that you might meet someone new. If they reject you, you haven't lost anything. Try your best to feel good in yourself, if they are ignorant then screw them, you arnt missing anything. In every person's mind is a whole world of possibility. Almost like a world in every mind. You don't know that world as you haven't tried to visit it ( talked). So although they might reject you, they might not. You could meet new people 

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Posted by tjsase

Usually I'm getting hung up on people interrupting me. I've gotten better at not going on about special interests but it's hard to find people who are interested in most of my interests. Also friends going out without me, they've been better about including me lately but it still hurts sometimes