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Do you think being on the spectrum affects your taste in music?

Posted by tjsase

I've always thought my Asperger's affected what music I'm into. Though most of what I like originates from the 70s and 80s, there're plenty of exceptions. I think I'm drawn to that era due to the boom in creativity and accessablility from the improvement of studio equipment. I mainly focus on the music and not the lyrics, percieving the vocals as it's own instrument, and tbh I feel like today's top 40 hits focus on obnoxiously catchy lyrics while the instrumental takes back seat. Nowadays pop music feels like such a homogenized genre, and I feel like people are just gonna migrate to smaller, more unique artists that can provide unique sounds that can now be as polished as a big hit. 

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Posted by gtiger93

I think it generally depends on the individual who have different taste in music, especially those on the spectrum.