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Has anyone ever believed that people that are on the spectrum could make an impact on the lives of others just by being the example and living up to your dreams? Because everyday I always believed that alot of times people who accepted their differences can move forward knowing that life has it's meaning to what many individuals can do especially those who are on the spectrum. At the age of four a medical professional believed that I could never read nor graduate from high school. I look back knowing that I proven them wrong do to what I could do to better myself to learn more and to align myself with those who accept me or understand to understand what it is like to be on the spectrum. Dr. Grandin once said quote on quote, "I am different, not less." I believe that difference is really what makes us human and if we were the same then we would only have one personality. I would testfy that autism is is just what makes us unique especially within a different way of thinking. To restate my question, can people with autism make an impact on other? My answer is yes. A matter of fact I am an instructor that have taught tae kwon do to those who have been on the spectrum and even children as well. Honestly it feels good to understand especially having a voice knowing how to guide or to teach to not just develop character within my ownself but towards others who want to build there self confidence within there ownselves that one day they will do the same. I am new to this site so I hope you all have a nice day.

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