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Hard to talk on here

Posted by animeking

It's hard to find people to chat with on here it seems like it's dead I would like it if more people talk  to me it seems though that I'm new to this site might be the reason. 

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Posted by rix1701

Try adding at least 1 photo of yourself?

Posted by gtiger93

Suppose that's true.

Posted by kelmire

That's the 21st century for you. No one wants to talk to eachother anymore. Any time you go onto a train, you notice everyone is glued to their phones. It'll have pretty dire consequences in the future, unfortunately. It's already beginning to. But chin up, some people are willing to talk to you. i've spoken to a few people on this, but just expect to be ignored by a lot of people. It is what it is *shrugs*

Posted by gtiger93

Yeah I noticed that. It is almost like no one wants to chat it up for some reason.

Posted by chess97

I agree