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Just fell asleep and I have a dream where I'm watching some found footage of a men and woman checking a basement and they see a bald guy in the corner of the room. As they are closing the door after seeing him the lights go off and before the door is fully closed the bald man is just stood there. The woman screams. And then for some reason I wake up terrified and shaking and actually feel like screaming. I turned the lamp on next to my bed but I don't want to go back to sleepĀ 

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Posted by imnotscary

short answer: Wht are you worried about? Very very very long answer: I bought a book on dreams a looooooooong time ago, and it gave three possible explanations as to what dreams are. Two of these I thought were complere nonsense, but the third had me utterly convinced. throughout a normal day, you will think about a lot of things. Almost all of these will be completely mundane, like "what am I having for lunch". Each of these thoughts will leave a small bit of itself in your brain, and at the end of the day rest and sleep is required to clean up all the leftover bits. Each bit will be examined and cleaned up, all the mundane stuff will quickly be removed, but every so often, there will be an unresolved issue. What this is will be completely unique to yourself, but being unresolved, your brain will not be able to clear it away. Soon all the mundane stuff will have been removed, leaving the few unresolved issues, each time your brain goes back to them, it has to think about them, and going back to them again and again to try and resolved them is what the dream is. The problem is, a brain thinks, and here it is thinking about a thought. So this is where it gets a bit odd. These unresolved thoughts will all create a feeling. The brain will go to it's archive of feelings and use this to help it try to resolve the issue (also, sometimes other stuff, especially recent events in the past day) get pulled in to So the dream will be ENTIRELY metaphorical, and each metaphor will almost certainly be unique to yourself. There are however things that are common for many people (enough to be a cliche) such as teeth falling out. That is "something I didn't do, that was really easy to do, that now I didn't do it, has consequences that everyone can see" People in dreams are often different aspects of your personality (or an emotion) House = safe place = your "world", your "life" common dreams involve you "looking for something" which means exactly that, "being chased" which usually means an event you are afraid of is approaching, and your "house" being attacked in some way, the specific way will be related to whatever issue you are affected by, if the house is burning, falling down or being burgled etc the book I had then listed like an encylopedia, hundreds of different things and after asking some friends, many said the interpretations were helpful, but in the end, they all boil down to... what are you worried about?