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updating my profile so it isn't awful

Posted by imnotscary

ok, so my existing profile is the worst thing ever written. So... time to write a different one. I have posted two blog posts to give background to myself, so far they have zero comments.... anyway, I have tried to write something that is true, but also doesn't want to make me vomit with disgust at writing something that is not remotely how I talk or act

. So I have this so far, which is all true, but also I hate it. I have made sure to remove all references to the motorbike and my son as those things have proven to be an instant turn-off for everyone.

"Hi there. I am a caring, honest, thoughtful guy.

I really enjoy cooking, hunting down new recipes and flavours. I make awesome roast potatoes too.

I have got into going to the gym regularly, I mostly do weights and yoga. TO be honest, I don't really have a clue what I am doing, but I enjoy it. It would be really great to have a gym buddy to go with.

I love cinema and films in general, and listen to a huge variety of music."

urgh... now to go and wash myself clean... writing that has made me feel... contaminated

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Posted by imnotscary

Zero replies? Well that is depressing