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Can I go without sleep for 20 days?

Posted by aestheticdream

I'm going to train myself to not sleep for long periods of time and I'm going to beat the world record. In the name of science and the human mind. I'll just see how it breaks and write down what happens 

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Posted by idanis

Please do not attempt this. Humans cannot stay awake for more than 10 days or we die. Please take care of yourself.

Posted by sirdood

The average human dies after approximately 10-12 days of no sleep. 20 days is not going to happen.

Posted by aestheticdream

Thanks for the concern. I’ve went 2 days without sleeping and didn’t feel tired at all. I’m sure I won’t die if I eat and drink a lot of water. Of course this is something I’m going to do in the future in 5 years or something... so if I can train myself to go 10 days without sleep then I’m sure I could go 15 days... And at the very worst I’ll hallucinate but I’m sure it won’t kill me

Posted by imnotscary

Posted by imnotscary

This is an exceptionally dangerous thing to attempt, sleep is as important as eating and breathing, going for a long period of time without it will bring no reward and only problems