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This is a really quiet site huh?

Posted by liamslack

How's everyone doing? I'm lonely as fuck and looking for conversation.

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Posted by idanis

This is a dating site for autistic people, and we tend to be more shy at first before we get to know someone. Start a conversation with someone, keep it going, and you will be able to talk to more people. If someone is not answering your messages, it may either be because 1), the person has not been online for some time and simply hasn't seen it, or 2), the person is not interested.

Posted by kirsty

Just most autistic people tend to be shyer I am when I don't know anyone but if I like someone I start opening up more

Posted by heather

Hello Liansack

Posted by heather

I'm new on the site and saying hello back! 😊

Posted by imnotscary

Yup, when I saw the site was all about friendship, I hoped to find people looking for that, especially as I expected the anonymity of the internet to free up people from shyness, sadly, while no-one on the site has been in any way hostile, it just seems to be a chat between the same three people, and no-one else says anything. That's a real shame. I sadly can only recommend not using this site