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I always wondered.

Posted by godzilla54

Austistic people are one those groups that just seems to be on the lable of someone who either can't date, or people shouldn't date by other people, which is sad. What are your thoughts on this? 

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Posted by judgmentoftherain

I wouldn't know much about the dating scene, as I've never even been with a woman. I've had friends that were women, but I never thought to ask one of them out as a teenager. Only in the past few years have I felt an interest in companionship, but as I expected it was not going to be easy. I imagine that the dating world is very hard for people who have difficulties with non-verbal communication. I've been thinking about acquiring a book on body language in order to develop my social skills.

Posted by gtiger93

Well I can tell you that alot times people in generally think we can't feel loved nor being able to date because we are the spectrum. I did talk about this on social media at one point. It is rather disappointing that it feels that we are so treated like we are so different that we don't get the concept of dating which I think is bull. I mean we are only human, we are not that different except we process information differently than alot of people that is how I see it. I think alot of times they think that is due to shyness or social anxiety in general. Let me tell you that it is not impossible to date someone on the spectrum. Because one I been in two different relationships before not at the same time of course. Two I have broken up with someone who wasn't my type and the other I been dumped do to me either with our educational goal that weren't meeting in the same direction which was bull. It was really because her parents told her to dump me because I was autistic. Other than that I get tired of other people labeling me on rather I am not good enough or just guy who is mildly functioning autistic. Which sucks for the most part. So here I am back at phase one all over again and just trying to bring my self out there yet again keeping strong.