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What happened

Posted by aestheticdream

Yesterday another user by the name of Elliewild20 was harassing me and Snowflake101. Telling is to break up. Elliewild20 is my ex girlfriend what makes the situation worse is that I think she’s jealous or trying to make me and Snowflake101 break up over spite. Me and my ex didn’t exactly have a great relationship and I won’t divulge in any details... however she was an Attention seeker, manipulative and in the end when I said I had enough of her BS she told me to go and kill my self. For a few days I had to hide my negative emotions behind a mask of fake happiness. And now Elliewild20 has found out I’m in a relationship with Snowflake101 and has bullied Snowflake101 by telling her to cut herself and jump off a bridge. I hate to ask but could whoever reads this submit a request to the website administrators to get Elliewild20 removed from this site. Snowflake101 keeps getting her profile viewed by Elliewild20 and Snowflake101 is extremely anxious and upset right now... I can’t bear seeing her like this.

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