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This is shit

Posted by jordanwilkinson92

This website just make your autsm alot worser ive texted over 60 people and not 1 person gets back to me, ive neen ignored by millioms of normal people dont make me tjink autostic people are worser then the normal peopleĀ 

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Posted by jordanwilkinson92

it's just a rubbish website to bond foe autistic kids because half the girls live in America or they just want to play games with ya

Posted by judgmentoftherain

1. It's a site with autistic people, so there's going to be difficulty when it comes to socializing with others. 2. I think you meant to say that this site can cause individuals to feel more socially isolated than they already are. 3. Sometimes, the reason why people don't respond is because they have no interest. Rejection is a part of life, so the sooner you accept it the easier life is to figure out. I wouldn't waste my time on those who refuse to respond anyways. 4. Some of the accounts haven't been used in years. 5. Please use spellcheck in the future.

Posted by kirsty

Just that autistic people tend to be shyer I know that I am when I don't know someone