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A blog about... why everyone should write a blog here

Posted by imnotscary

Ok so.... off to a rocky start on this site. So let me try again.

I think this site would be better if everyone wrote a bog post about themselves, or what they were doing. I want to try and encourage this by writing a few blogs of my own.

This site does have a fair few design issues. here on the blogs, there is no way of seeing if someone commented, and the blogs are permanently sorted by the date posted, so if someone comments on an old blog, there is no way to know.

But…!  I am not ready to give up yet.

In an effort to try and do something, I want to try and write a few blogs. I did write a couple before for my work’s intranet site. I got a lot of positive feedback for them, so I have already posted them here. The only problem was that I then got a massive amount of anxiety about writing another. I did have a friend that would proof-read them for me, so I could neaten them up. I have never been very good at self-editing. Even when I was at school, I got in trouble in technology class as we would be given a situation and told to come up with at least three solutions, then evaluate which was the best. I would come up with one, why would I think of anything other than (what I believed to be) the best solution? Sadly, due to circumstances I may one day detail, I no longer have that friend to proof read for me. So, these are probably going to be a bit of a ramble.

That’s it for my first blog. I need to go away and work on the ideas I have for the next few, and not put myself under too much pressure to write them too close together.

Feel free to comment on this blog if you wish, but (as I detailed above) if you wish to speak directly to me about the blog, it would be better to message me directly.

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Posted by imnotscary

...and almost immediately I have now thought of lots more I could have added to that. Hmmmm... ok, so I think from now on I will write the blog out myself and save it. Then come back to it a day later and add all the bits I thought of. What I should say is that writing anything for an audience of people you don't know is a daunting task. What do you say? What do you not say? What if people criticise it? These are all difficult hurdles to overcome, and I don't have an answer. I came to this site to hopefully meet someone (although that seems unlikely) but also just to make some friends of people like myself. I have spent many years being quite lonely, and hoped this would change that. I really do want to encourage everybody to write something. I would just like to know more about people, and if you don't really know what to say, then sometimes just saying a little allows others to ask questions to find out more about you. I therefore welcome all feedback, good or bad, and will get to work on writing my first proper blog, which I hope to upload here in a few days.