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WWE’s Biggest Competition

Posted by niceguy2010

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wasn’t always the biggest pro wrestling company. From August 1996 to March 2001, World Championship Wrestling (WCW) competed against WWE in the “Monday Night Wars”: WWF* RAW IS WAR on USA vs. WCW Monday Nitro on TNT. Eventually, WWE bought WCW, but professional wrestling as a whole had seen a degree of popularity never seen before or since because of the conflict. 

*The company was called World Wrestling Federation at the time. The change to WWE for “Entertainment” came in 2002.*

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Posted by realitysearcher

There is a possabilty that wwe may have to resort to the attitude era style they adopted in 1997 this time the roles are reversed wwe are now the money driven wcw and the new kid on the block all elite are producing more creative prospects so some of the best talent is switching to them for less money more opportunity which could spark a new Monday night war which would bring in a truly entertainng era for sports entertainment