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Plans for my future

Posted by aestheticdream

I am very excited for what the future will hold and I have a couple of aspirations and dreams in my life. So I’ll lay them out here.

The first and most important one of all is meeting Jasmin in real life. She means everything to me and if I can make the day I meet her a happy one then I will feel happy. The second one is to start a YouTube channel and reach atleast 100k {100’000} subscribers as I feel it’s a realistic milestone to achieve. My channel will consist mostly of gaming and animation. The third is to learn to drive as it will give me a huge boost of independence. And the fourth is to finally get a job and feel like I’m making a living 

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Posted by imnotscary

The independence from driving is an incredible transformation of your opportunities. You can go anywhere, anywhen. You do not need to rely on anyone else. Cinema, work, holiday, delivery, restaurant, it's all just a drive away. It is really expensive though... first you need the vehicle. It's possible to get a decent one for £1000 but it's difficult, there's a lot of junk about. £2000 there is a mix of ok and bad, £3000 can buy something perfect. In addition to the vehicle, it needs three things, tax, mot, insurance. tax is supposed to pay for the roads, it's an annual fee, can be paid 6 monthly, the cost depends on the emissions of the vehicle, I believe it goes from £30 to about £200 or so mot is an annual check to make sure the vehicle is roadworthy, brakes, tyres, lights, rust etc. It only costs £30, but if anything is broken or leaking, can cost hundreds to fix final one is insurance. If you are involved in any kind of accident that damages vehicles/buildings/people then that has to be paid for. of course, should you crash into a house, that will be hundreds of thousands of pounds to pay for. Therefore, everyone must take out insurance, that way, if you cause a crash, the insurance company pays for it all, you just pay the insurance company an amount each year/month. The cost of this can vary wildly, a young person, with a new license, is judged "high risk" and so can pay a few hundred a month, an older person who has never crashed can pay almost nothing. There is one other thing though....I'm 39 and I never learnt to drive. Being in a car means you have to fit in with everybody else on the road. You cannot go faster than the car in front, yo have to find somehere to park, you have to navigate to places. The anxiety of having to do that has meant that I have never learnt to drive a car. I know that having to do what everybody else does in the way everybody else does would immediately cause me to get anxious and have an angry outburst, that is completely unacceptable in a car, and so I never have learnt to drive. I got a motorbike instead! I just get to do what I want! woooo!

Posted by snowflake101

Those are lovely inspiration plans sean