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Music about yourself

Posted by imnotscary

I love listening to music. I listen to music pretty much constantly. In fact, music was one of the key areas that led to my autism diagnosis.

I used to buy CDs, but the problem with that was that there were only so many albums where I liked enough tracks to make playing it worthwhile, and also I quickly got so many CDs I could not recall where all my favourite songs were. This meant i ended up playing the same set albums over and over

AS technology improved, I got an MP3 player. But I realised, I only really needed to copy the songs I wanted to it. So there was only one thing to do.

Sit down and listen to every single song I owned, and then rate it as "yes" or "no". Luckily at time I started this, I had a lot of free time, so that is exactly what I did. Day after day, until it was done. This was a fantastic experience. I rediscovered so many great songs, and I got rid of everything I didn't like!

And it is what I still do now, I have never managed to move on to streaming. I still buy CDs. I have several hundred. The total number of tracks I have right now is 11620 and of those I have rated 4973 as "yes". I have this playlist on my mp3 player, and I listen to it every day for several hours (my daily routines make this more than possible) I really want to get to 5000, and I recently bought a box set of albums for a particular group, and it had just over 200 tracks on it. I have not quite finished playing through them all, and I am hoping to hit the big 5-000 target.

I can't say I know what each and every one of the 5000 tracks is, but I have played them enough to be able to (at least) recognise them. Thing is, I very *very* rarely know the words to any of them, or indeed what any of the words are about. In fact those songs I have looked up the words for, I have generally been disapointed as it can be about something I disagree with, so as they say ignorance is bliss.

There are a few songs I do know the words to, but it is very rare that I can say there is a song that I eithere agree with 100% or that I can apply the words 100% to myself. Sometimes it gets close, but then there is one line that doesn't fit

but from those 5000 I have picked out three songs that have a very personal message to myself. The first two, I have played many times, and I can say that for both of them, the words fit my life 100% (well... maybe 99%, let's leave a little caution)

here are the songs, they may not be your genre... (the on screen lyrics are not actualy quite right, but it's the best I could find)

then there is this, which while it isn't really that close in specifics, the message being said is very much like what I experience

and finally this one... well.. I thought long and hard about including this one. It is a very angry song, and while the lyrics fit to begin with... well, they go to far. I do like this song a lot though. If I have a bad day, I play the song, I let all the bad feelings out, then I turn the song off.

I would appreciate it if you would play the songs, I know that musical choice is extremely personal, and you may not like them, or even any of the genres at all. Although those songs are all personal to me, they are not my absolute favourites, they are a very rare combination of me liking the song, knowing the words, liking the words

I'd also love it if anyone could add a link to their own

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here's my favourite type of music-