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Could Death Stranding change the games industry

Posted by aestheticdream

Death Stranding has been a highly anticipated PlayStation exclusive that has garnered the attention of many. Death Stranding is being made by Kojima who is well known for the Metal Gear franchise which is a highly received game series except from Cough, cough “metal gear survive.” Cough, Cough.

Death Stranding is a post apocalyptic game set after an event called the Death Stranding. Apparently it was to do with an explosion which apparently has brought the dead into the land of the living. Except that it’s not zombies, but ghosts know as BT’s {Beached Things.} Nobody knows what exactly the game is about yet but you play as a character named Sam Porter Bridges who is played and voice acted by Norman Reedus. Who is well know for his role as Daryl in The Walking Dead. Your mission is to reconnect a fragmented America while surviving the BT’s and Scavengers. The voice acting in each and every trailer is incredible and the motion capture is absolutely phenomenal. The game features many other top tier actors such as Mads Mikkalsen and Gulmerro Del Torro. Kojima who is the director of this game has said in an interview that he wants this game to be a statement. The game releases on the 8th Of November this year and I can’t wair to see what story unfolds. 

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Posted by imnotscary

oh, meant to include a bit about how Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake genuinely did change the industry, but I pretty much covered that in the Doom blog post. But I was just going to repeat that when each of those games was released, the level of detail was above what almost any system could support, requiring people to upgrade to play them. The closest that any moern game has come to that is Red Dead 2, but although that has incredible detail, it does just run on a standard console. Also the market is bigger now, by several orders of magnitude.

Posted by imnotscary

"change the games industry" - no, I don't think it will. There have been several extremely high profile game releases recently, some of which have been incredibly well received - Red Dead 2, Spiderman, God of War. There have also been several that have been extremely poorly received - Anthem, Fallout 76, Battlefront 2. Now the ones that were highly rated were done so for multiple reasons, which is pretty much the point. The amount of effort put into the games at every level was noted and appreciated, allowing the player to become very immersed in the game and character. But did any of these "change the industry" well.. not really the current trend is for "games as a service" and making money from micro-transactions, FIFA and Fortnite have been the games that have genuinely "changed the industry" and make (literally) billions for their pulishers, yet neither game is particularly well received. so this game could be another to be put up there with the the "well received" but no matter how good (and those three I named have been rated as outstanding in every area by multiple critics) it will never be so good as to "change the industry" not least because it is a playstation exclusive, so obviously those without a playstation will never play it.