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Your favourite anime

Posted by aestheticdream

which anime do you guys watch and like? I absolutely love Konosuba 

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Posted by imnotscary

If you mean series, then I don't have any. A guy at work is a total Japanophile, and watches tons. He is also a total anime hipster, so he watches the latest thing, but moves on as soon as it becomes mainstream over here. I know he loved attack on titan, and one punch man, all the others don't have anglicised names so I can't remember them. Oh actually I suppose Legend of the four kings though, although that wins by default, being the only series I have seen. It wasn't very good, being incredibly frustrating. Every episode looked like this time, something big would happen, so by the final one (episode 12) I was ready to expode with anticipation. But the final one was a total anti-climax being a total load of nonsense, and ending with it all being a dream the music was awesome though, (I think 99% of the animation in the intro is from the final episode) If you mean films, then that's easier - AKIRA, which is just one of my favourite films outright. It's got motorbikes! what more does it need? Also there was 3x3 eyes, plus all the others Channel 4 showed