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Do you like wearing socks?

Posted by imnotscary

Derren Brown (the master of MInd MaNIpuLAtioN) was in a short video on the BBC the other day, and while the whole video is very interesting (and less than five minutes long) there was one thing in it that really stood out for me.

video is here

the specific bit I refer to is at 1:50 where is says that if you were suddenly in the position of being the only person in the world "you obviously wouldn't bother with fancy clothes" which got me thinking onto a very long train of thought that ended with me thinking this

How you dress is one of the key ways of sending a message about who you are to everybody else, and  although the way people dress this country dress today is certainly less bound by rules (either laws or social norms) than almost any other country at any other point in time, but, it still is bound by rules. What women wear is especially true for this. Women are expected to wear matchoing outfits which will, based on how formal/informal feminine/masculine the attire is give a message out of who they are, and also how they respond to those rules and social norms.

One of the most famous aspects of Sherlock Holmes is of course the "sherlock scan" which is to analyse what somebody is wearing and based on that assess who they are, what they do and how they respond to society's expectations.

I believe I have come up with an amusingly odd question, which can instantly do the sherlock scan on any woman! (and no, I am not being entirely serious here)

the question is...

do you like wearing socks?

the reason for this is that footwear for women is marketed and sold so very, very differently than it is for men. Furthermore, either for practical or social reasons, the attire a woman wears will in some way match the footwear chosen, and finally, the footwear dictates the foot covering chosen.

of course, this question works best if the respondant doesn't just say "yes/no" but goes on to say what they do wear on their feet and why.

But in short, bare feet match very formal shoes such as heels would match a formal outfit, such as a suit.

Thin tights usually match a skirt or dress, thicker tights ofen go with a casual skirt

very short socks go with trainers and sporty clothes, and big thick socks go with someone who ust wants comfort.

so as I said, not entirely serious, and it is not just about what people want, it is very much about how they respond to what they thick other people want from them. which, going back to Derren Brown would mean I am sure, if you were the only person in the world, you'd wear big fluffy socks.

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Posted by islandguy

In one of my photos I'm alone, sitting in the companionway of my previous yacht... I think somewhere off the French Atlantic Coast... and yes... big ol' fluffy socks! It wasn't even cold. I didn't realise before, but I can't remember ever wearing them in someones prescence unless it was winter. Haha!

Posted by motivate98

Lolol. Yup cuz I got big feet 15 1/2 and they