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Peaceful Music

Posted by judgmentoftherain

Every once in a while, we all need something to wind down or relax, so that our minds can be at peace. 

 This music compilation video has done wonders for me.

What works for you?

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Posted by imnotscary

I am the complete opposite, I don't find relaxing music relaxing. If I want to fall asleep then I need silence, having any music on at all will make me listen to it, and so stay awake. I also usually find slow or mellow music very boring, which frustrates me. If I am stressed out and need to relax, I need music that is fast and aggressive. Listening to this has a cathartic effect. It matches my mood, I am able to understand and work through my feelings, and having put all my frustration into the song, I can then turn the song off and go to sleep One of my favourites for doing that is thing song (which I also use when at the gym) to be honest it's pretty much just linkin park with more drums, but gets the job done (oh, although this is the video, I listen on my headphones so I've never actually seen the video before, and I don't know any of the words)