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Should I deactivate my account?

Posted by aestheticdream

I have loved using this site and it has been a blast. But yesterday a certain user tried ruining my relationship with my amazing partner Snowflake101 telling me lies about her. I don’t want to be contacted by him again and there is no real point in staying on this site as I have ways to contact Jasmin. I don’t know if I should delete my account as I like reading the blogs on here but I’m not too sure. There are some great people on this site but there are also cruel pricks that like to try and ruin things for others. My advice to any new users of this site is... You will find someone. Just make sure they are perfect. Like my partner Jasmin. 

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Posted by aestheticdream

Problem is that the person deleted their account

Posted by niceguy2010

No, don’t delete your account. That’s exactly what the bad person wants. If you delete your account, they’ve won. Just report them to the site admins and let them handle it is my best advice.