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I went on a date

Posted by imnotscary

Me, I actually went on a date, with another person! who would have thought that possible?

I have been on Match for a while now, and I have so far contacted 52 people. Of those only two ever replied. I spoke to the first person and they seemed very nice, but I really didn't feel like we had any rapport at all, so I thanked them and moved on.

The seond person we have chatted for a while, and although the site says we have nothing in common, we get along well, so we arranged to meet at a local cafe. That was last week.

So we met, and I thought they were great. I don't know if we will meet again, and we have not exchanged numbers. But that is the first date I've ever been on. I also felt that the way I came across at the date, was exactly how I wanted to. Therefore, if they do not like me, I will have no regrets, because I know they got to see the real me.

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Posted by islandguy

\o/ yay! It is all experience. Can you imagine if you find the perfect person but your date is awkward and clumsy? So... even if you have to date 20 wrong ones, it just means when you meet the 'right one' you will be a lot more relaxed and comfortable. You're definitely doing something right though, I only seem to get scammers or non-responses at the moment : ((( Keep it up. All the best of luck, Gary, Preston, UK

Posted by montydom

well done and good for you feeling even if you don't meet again you have still achieved something Also good for you letting know and thanking the person you felt no rapport with, rather than just disappearing without explanation. All too often people disappear without explanation and that can add to the already difficult things we already expereince