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I faced my demons

Posted by aestheticdream

10 mins ago anxiety tried worming it’s way into my brain but before it did I decided to face it and I said to it “Fuck off, I don’t need you in my head anymore.” It felt like it talked back saying something along the lines of. “Why, I help you see things the way they are.” I continued telling it that I wasn’t afraid anymore and it was holding me back from the things that do make me happy. It felt like the shackles of anxiety that have held their iron grip on me my entire life have snapped. It’s been like I’ve been chained to 2 obsidian pillars and all my life I’ve just stood there helplessly. These last few days however... I’ve been trying to rip my hands free. 

1st day: I began pulling 

2nd day: I heard the pillars start to shake

3rd day: I feel the chains that hold me in place beginning to snap.

and today: I feel like I have broken free. 

I finally faced the demon of doubt and fear and now... I’m free... I’m fucking free and I have so many people to thank. Especially my girlfriend Jasmin. Thank you so fucking much for having faith in me. I’m free at last and the anxiety I felt is now dying. And I’m stood over it... It’s time I finished it off... 

Anxiety... All my fucking life I have been your prisoner. But no more. You have beaten me down so many times but guess what. I’m the one stood tall right now. You battered and bruised me with doubt and worry and you tortured the very essence of MY mind. But no more. I see clearly now. You are nothing to me anymore. You made me lash out at the girl I love. So the last thing I’ll ever say to you is this. Never enter my mind again. I’m no longer afraid of you. 

I have finally slain the giant that has towered above me all my life. My mind is now a sword. And I have defeated my demons. 

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