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Tomorrow is finally the day I return back to England. Well me and my brother along with my grandad are landing in Glasgow but we are heading to Doncaster very early in the morning. I am so excited. I am finally free of this country that holds some pretty dark memories. Once I get back the first thing I need to do is get credit on my phone. And then have a good old chippy (Fish and french fries for American readers of this blog post.)

I have so much to do. Most importantly is to finally see my partner. She has been waiting long enough bless her soul. So sorry it took so long Jasmin. 

I’m finally gonna feel the nice cold British breeze on my head. It feels a little weird knowing that after all this time I’m going back. So much to do and then I can finally start driving lessons. I can finally learn to cook and take a train. Tomorrow marks the end of this 2 month (2 and a half technically) of being in Turkey. Can’t wait to board that plane and go home 😌 I’m coming home 

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