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Hi, this is me.

Posted by johnf

Why am I here? I mean here on this site, not my physical being. Since being becoming aware that I am different and finding that l have a lot of traits on the spectrum, I kind of embarked on a path of discovery about myself (referred by GP for Autism diagnosis). Whilst I'm still on it, I've reached a stage of wanting, almost needing, to try and interact with others who are similar. Sounds simple, but being who I am, it took a tremendous amount of courage to not only join this site, but to enter personal stuff about myself and then decide to write this. Whilst words often don't convey what I mean, I kind of like the description of jumping into a puddle but realising mid jump it isn't really a puddle, but not knowing what it really is. So, I really want to communicate, but at the same time it scares the sh*t out of me. Beyond 'hello' I have no idea what to say next, or how to do it. I freeze up and desperately desire to be somewhere else. Hell, even saying 'hello' can seem daunting. Bit ironic considering I'm laying myself bare right here and now.
So, that's kind of a public 'hi' to you all beyond my profile and I really do hope I can carry on along my path and find out more about me and maybe some of you too.
Thanks for reading.

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