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[2020 Adventure - Plans so far]

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[2020 Adventure - Plans so far]

The itinery isn't set in stone, as I'm happy to move dates around if people want to join but have date limitations.  The only problem is, the dates do all have to be set in stone by end of January.

Plans as they stand currently :

1. Rwanda

Dadape orphan centre in Rwanda.   Feb 3 - 16.  Near Lk. Kiku and congolese border.  I know many hear "Rwanda" and thing of the toubles, but the country is very stable and is currently considered one of the safest in Africa.  Transfers to/from Kigali airport will be provided by centre staff.  English and French spoken by most staff.

Mainly just providing contact for the kids, playing games and helping out about the place.  They love to practice their English/French on native speakers too.  The centre asks around £8 per person per night which goes towards food (provided), school materials and upkeep. ... Staff will also arrange any trips on the day off, such as visiting Kiku and an animal sanctuary.  Personally, I think £104 is a every decent price for a working stay in Rwanda.

2. Tanzania

I'll not be flying back after Rwanda, but travelling to Ubena Bwawani Village, Zanzibar City, Tanzania and the Ngerengere eco river camp after a day or two in a hotel.  Anyone joining here will be personally picked up from the Abeide Amani Karume International Airport.

I've had mixed reviews about the camp... staying in a rather basic encampment near the ngerengere river and taking part in various projects.  This one has a lot of free time and places to explore... it's a popular place and has hosted hundreds of people over the last few years... but it is basic.

Currently,  camp is expected to be 22 feb - 8 Mar

Tanzania isn't too dangerous, and staff advise on areas that can be travelled safely.   It has one of the largest English speaking populations in Africa.

Both of the above WILL require the appropriate travel shots from a GP.

3. Sail 1 - UK to Canary Islands (or any short hop thereof)

Weather dependent dates.  Leave UK waters in June and spending 6 weeks of summer crosing the channel and exploring the French Atlantic Islands, Spanish North and Portuguese coasts following the biscay coast... then a longish leg to Madeira and on to the Canaries by end August, where we leave the vessel

(or guests can stay aboard and extend their Canary Islands holiday from the marina in Las Palmas with free accomodation on-board, self-catering - but I'll be departing the vessel temporarily)

On the way there is lots of opportunity to cater for anyone who only wants a few days, or even just a daysail, specific legs... or, can even join us for the whole trip.  We can have people join/leave the vessel as they wish.  Ports, dates and durations of sailing are all fairly flexible once we leave UK - the only time pressure being to arrive in the Canaries before mid September (pref. end Aug) ... apart from that the southward passage can be as meandering as desired.

4. South America

Any time between Aug and Dec, but most likely 14-28days, August-Spetember

Visiting some old friends who run a school/orphanage in Huancayo, Peru ... difficult one to get to, there is an 8-hour transfer by road from the airport... This one is essentially a free stay (£3/ day towards meal and laundry) and can be rearranged to suit anyone who's interested as pre-booking is not necessary.

Peru is a wonderful country, and Huancayo is at over 3000m ASL in the andes highlands with some stunning views and clear night skies.  Dry season runs till end October, starts getting wet into December as rainy season begins.

No specific vaccinations required.

5. Sail 2 - Canaries to Martinique

Mid november, we sail from Canary Islands to the Carribean... a straight run with the wind behind us all the way.  5 weeks in which you'll be, at various times, much closer to the International Space Station than you are to other human beings.

Spectacular night views, sunsets and sunrises and lots of marine wildlife... as the wind pushes us towards the American continent.  Bring some books or something to do.  The easiest and arguably most boring sailing of all... we just set the sails in "twistle-rigged, wing on wing" so that they just follow the wind automatically.

... but, you get to say you crossed the Atlantic under your own power ; )

Arriving in the carribbean there will be time for splashing about, goofing off, diving, swiming, snorkelling, relaxing or just exploring the old cities and towns of the pirate coast with a camera ... the world is your lobster.

Guests are welcome to fly back or even stay aboard to celebrate xmas and New Year in the Bahamas

6. Sail 3 - ICW Northward to New York or Maine (then Eastbound in anger)

Jan-1st (as weather permits) we start north via Florida and up the ICW (Intercostal Waterway) taking in most of the eastern coastal states on the way up to Maine via New York harbour.  We tend not to spend too much time doing this but there are opportunities to join/leave wherever, for whatever reason... as guests wish.

Usually its just a night or two here and there, with a longer stop in NY.

From here the guests depart and the crew choose a weather window to race the wind all the way to Ireland/UK.  This is often a rougher passage done purely for the excitement of sailing.

Guests are normally not pesent on the Eastward race, however ... if someone was interested in a very wet, miserable, spray-covered, three-week, balls-out race across the Atlantic with no real chance to get off till Ireland... then, be warned ... we'd actually consider it ; )

7. Relaxation - optional event, no set date

At any point in 2020 there is a chance to stay a week or two in a Buddhist monastery located in very impressive grounds and a lot of wildlife.  No itinery here ... just no cellphone use outside of your room, and be quiet when in the grounds... apart from that, it's up to you.

I'm down for it if anyone else is - stay is free, main meal is free, and a small donation appreciated.  No need to partake in any activities or even be religious ... ir's just, basically, a wildlife park run by monks.

I'm an Atheist... but I still appreciate some decent quiet now and again ; )

Anyway, that's the 2020 plan.

Very few rigid dates at the moment.  I'm happy to move things around to accommodate others where possible, but dates will probably have to be finalised by Jan. just to be fair to everyone else.

The yacht is a commercially coded and sat-phone tracked 42' Bavaria with plenty of room for privacy.  If we think enough guests were interested for enough legs of the journey, then there is a chance to take a very modern Beneteau Oceanis, 48' ... it's a bit less fun to sail, but is far more spacious below.


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