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He Was Talking And Then Disappears Into Thin Air.

Posted by jerry1979

If you're talking with someone, getting to know them and suddenly you don't hear from them either for a long time or ever again..

You get upset, blame yourself, take it personally and start thinking there's something wrong with you etc etc...

All of the above is natural but...Yes, there's a but!

You should actually avoid making assumptions as to why he's disappeared into of thin until you know the actual reason!!

By jumping to conclusions and making wild assumptions etc, you are only getting yourself worked up...quite possibly over absolutely nothing!

So when someone steps back from communicating with you...

Do The Following..

1:  Step back just as they have....

2: Continue living life as you have.

3: Try to avoid overthinking the situation as it won't solve or achieve anything other than getting more upset and anxious etc

4: Do NOT chase them up in any way, do not bombard them with phone calls, messages, emails or texts etc....

You will only look desperate when you do that.

5: Do NOT write posts up about them in even in reference to them on any social media pages, dating site profiles and the like....

Again you will look like a desperado and that's unattractive!

6: Do NOT waste your life sitting by the phone, tablet or computer waiting for them to get back to you...

They may or may not get back to you....Either way just keep on keeping on.

7: Smile, shine and move forward.

Reasons He's Disappeared Into Thin Air.

1: He was interested but as he's gotten to know you he has somehow realized that you two aren't compatible and he doesn't want to pursue things any further.

2: There isn't any chemistry. It's not there, it just isn't there and you generally can't force it.

3: He was and still is interested but he's overwhelmed by it all and needs time and space to process it.

4: He was and still is interested, has developed some serious feelings for you and needs time and space to deal with that before making any kind of commitment.

5: He was only playing mind games and was never genuinely interested in the first place.

6: You've said or done something super bad or offensive (intentionally or unintentionally) and it's put him right off you.

7: He was interested but only in ONE thing...

8: He has a social and/or communication deficit and may struggle with processing this sort of stuff and/or regulating his feelings etc...

9: He has been kidnapped by the circus and is now somewhere in Russia performing with them full time...

10: He's been arrested and is now doing hard time in solitary confinement with absolutely no ability or means to make contact with you at all.

11: He died.....

Regardless of the reasons it is always wise to remember that disappearing into thin air so to speak is a case of "it's not you, it's him" and believe it's all him as he made the choice to disappear into thin air without an explanation.

Even if you did or said something he didn't like or didn't say or do something he wanted.... It's still not you, it's him.

The moral of this is to avoid doing the following...

1: Taking it personally..

2: Making assumptions without any facts..

3: Knowing that his choice to disappear into thin air is his choice and his choice alone regardless of the reason!

Please note that while this post was mostly geared towards women it can and does apply to men who have experienced this type of situation.

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Posted by montydom

Well done on sharing this with everyone. Disappearing is far too common