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Dating site scammers

Posted by lanier2368

It's sad that there are people out there trying to scam people that are trying to find love. The people are scum. Thankfully this site is good at weeding them out. A lot of sites don't. But if you know what you're looking for it's easy to spot a scammer. If anyone wants any pointers on how to spot the scammers let me know. 

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Posted by lanier2368

Well, ya, it is always good to have someone look things over. That's a good idea always. But there are still signs that could help a person to be wary enough about someone your talking to. The person in the pictures looking like they are a model and the pictures look too professional, like they were from a photo shoot. The person asking about your job, how much you get paid, and if you would ever help them with money if they ever needed help. Stuff like that. And ya if one does get suspicious as you say it's good to get a second pair of eyes to look at things.

Posted by razorboy

Maybe just get a friend to look at messages. Those with ASD can often fall for predatory types quite easily, so getting another perspective is almost a minimum requirement I'd say.