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Writing Tips 

Posted by pinkiepie96

Here are some writing tips for both beginner and long time writers.

1. Write what you would watch or read- if you yourself would enjoy your material, you can judge it better.

2. Have fun when writing- the more heart you put into it, the better it'll be

3. If you're working on a story, focus on making enjoyable and likable characters- if we don't want to follow your main character/characters, we can't get into the story

4. NEVER be lazy!- If you don't put 110% into your story or care about it, why should your reader?

5. NEVER pander to your audience- Take your reader or audience seriously. I don't care if you write for 5 year olds or 25 year olds, take them seriously. Your readers or watchers are not braindead idiots whom need stuff dumbed down. This is espically important w/ kids shows.

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Posted by roquefort

These tips seem to be both accurate and accurate tips for story writers seeking to be successful fiction with a positive message. Even characters who are "evil" or have a seeming major flaw should be seen to have appealing positive qualities revealed by the plot to prevail in the end, and I think that such positive inner (r)evolutions can give a powerful encouraging messages if skilfully done. Always the message should be that any obstacle, inner or outer, can be overcome working together.