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OC {original Character} show case

Posted by princealastor

This is just a simple activity I thought of where we share our creations, but first, I would like to show my first OC from 2016



Name: Black rose

Age: 17

Gender: female

Nicknames: rose

Allies: hardly has any as she has trust issues

Time period: now a days

Date of creation: July 28 2016

Eyes: cat eyes

Eye colour: left silver and right gold

Tail: wolf

Wings: angel

Ears: cat

Height: 5'5

About the character

Personality: kind, lovely, easily scared

Favourite: music, friends

Least favourite: bullies, crouds

Hobbies/interest: she loves to sing and dance

Habits: she will tend to growl, but not often

Mannerism: her "manners" can be quite unpleasant, but on the other hand, she isn't that bad

Skills/talents: she can transform into a wolf during fill moon and a cat when scared for a month

Goals: to make earth a better place.


Love interest: unknown

Friends: unknown

Enemies: unknown

Relationship: n/a

{Note: one being terrible 10 being the best}

Knowledge: 7

Motivation: unknown

Will to act: 9

Agility: 6

Stealth: 4

Social skills: 7

Family/biological information

Birthplace: Panjia

Family: angel Rose (mother), Vampire rose (father), red rose (older brother), white rose (older sister), blue rose (younger brother)

Family background: unknown

Character background: black rose lives on a planet called Panjia for a short time, it was like a few from when her younger brother was born that they was suddenly attack by an unknown force, she got scared but she had to run away from home, so she did, when she arrived on earth, she was not herself, she was looking more like a human, but deep down inside, she had a strange force that was not good and wanted to gain control over black rose

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