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What if?

Posted by norsewarrior18

What if I was just dead? 

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Posted by johnf

You'd never know what would happen tomorrow. Yesterday is gone and can never be changed. You can find something, no matter how maybe tomorrow.

Posted by aspieboy

I am sorry.I supported you as a friend but also I should tell truth.according the truth if you die you will be in hell forever after and tortured even in your grave and revival happens also we call it kabir(grave) torture but grave torture is not endless it continues until revival.and finally you fall from sırat bridge to hell.Dont take it as a insult and if you took it as insult sorry but if you continue dont believe truth your end is like this.if you die everything will happen like that.have a nice day and live your life when you have a chance to enjoy life dont want die in this stitation but if you find truth and get iman and believe truth religion(it is islam) you can die even you go hell as a muslim you can go heaven after pay your sin debts in hell have a nice day again🙂