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Send my soul to hell

Posted by norsewarrior18

Just do it already

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Posted by aspieboy

I know you experienced a horrible thing but If I was you I dont prefer it.Hell is worst place if you want get a bonzi buddy with a hellhound you can go but I dont recomend if you are in hell or see it really you dont want return or see hell again and 99 percent you cant even look in hell because of fear and hell' s itself horrible place even we cant imagine. And its a place who asks is there anymore? when people goes I dont recomend saying things like send my soul to hell.dont need torture are a good man.just left it past and live on your normal routine.and you know?my gf was left me too.but I didnt care it and exagrated it too much.also you dont have to be married.being single is kingdom! Lets get your cup of coffe and favourite videogame and have fun and a nice day