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What I must say

Posted by princealastor

Hello reader, you may know that I am in a relationship with , well, things had took a turn between me and him after 7 months, we've been starting arguing and my bf is now... How should I say this without having an angry mob coming to my comment section and messages... Let's say stuck in his own mind

Me and started dating from here for like 8 months, and.... For some reason... I don't feel that connection anymore, now, don't get me wrong when I say that I felt a "bisexual person", cause I was, just until I had to question it if I really was bisexual, as I started to feel more for females then males, I know I should had said this from the start, but I didn't know, and from what's been happening, it just feels like I can't continue with another male anymore, it's just so difficult now that I have to get presents for my brothers and mum, even for my carers and my future job, it's just so stress full, I'm sorry that you had to read this , but last time when you was covering me to "tell" you everything, well, this is the last part of everything that I had stuck at the back of my mind for a while.

I hope you all understands...

† Alastor †

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Posted by lanier2368

Ummm, isn't this something you deal with in private?