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I know the reason.

Posted by norsewarrior18

Hi everyone. I would firstly like to say that I'm doing well and I don't feel as upset as a few days ago. But I have a few things to say. PrinceAlastor. I know why you left me and I know the exact reason. You like the Connor guy and that's fine. You didn't need to say it was because of you discovering your sexuality or liking girls. You could have just told me... I really hope it was worth leaving me for someone else and you have no idea how that makes me feel. Still, I wish you all the best and hope we can remain friends or atleast remain on speaking terms.

Secondly. I do not feel suicidal. I feel okay... Still a little heartbroken but otherwise I'm good. I would never kill myself because I'm not weak and I don't give up.

Thirdly, I just want to say this. I'm now going through severe anxiety, I can't sleep easy at night anymore. Apparently I'm stuck in "My own mind." No I'm not. I've just been hurt enough by too many people. I hope people remember all the good things I did for them. I won't forget what they did to me. 

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Posted by spideyranger

you know how i feel now, the way you feel is exactly how I felt when she and I broke up. sorry this happened to you