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My problem with dating and making friends

Posted by princealastor

I've been with man, after man, after man, 6/7x now, and ever one of those men I had been with either I argued, cheated, broke my heart or didn't want to carry on the relationship, I'm not going to say who these men are as it's confidential, so please understand that part of the this blog.

Another thing I had been is where I can't make a single friends, either because I'm not worth their time, they forgotten about me, can't be bothere and/or even stopped talking to me, yet again, name are not going to be put on here due to confidential reasons of this blog.

I've been through so many rounds where I am pretty much close to giving up already, that I do t want to date anymore, cause, if I am going to be argued at/to someone, what's the point? I'm just a person who just can't be kept for the long run, now, don't come to me telling me that I should not be on here if I don't want to date, believe me when I say that I'm trying my hardest here to trust, my old ta introduced me to this sight because she knows I can find someone, and I'm gonna make her believe that I can do this.

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Posted by imnotscary

Ok had a think... let's see how this sounds. If you are with someone, and they do not make you happy, then why be with them? If you are with someone and they do not treat you fair and equal, then why be with them? From this, it would seem that although you are unhappy with meeting several people, not being with them is the right decision. That being said, you are clearly unhappy with the situation. You should look at where things have gone wrong, but... do not try to change yourself to be someone you are not. When I was your age I was with someone and I made every single mistake. I said the wrong things, I did the wrong things, I wanted 5he wrong things. In the end, the relationship was so damaged by all my mistakes it was beyond repair. But, I did care about her, a lot. So what I mean is, it is normal to get things wrong, and you have to learn from it. That doesnt mean you are always wrong, that doesnt mean you can change overnight, and it doesnt mean that every mistake is unforgivable, it just means try to learn from experience. You are in an equally fortunate and unfortunate position of being young on this site. I joined over 6 months ago and there is not a single person near me of my age. I am also on Match and in the past six months have sent out 150-200 messages, I have had six replies. I have never been contacted by someone else directly. You however are someone people will seek out, this means you have no reason to rush.

Posted by aspieboy

Hi you dont need make someone to believe you believing only yourself and if you believe religion believe your god or gods this is most Important thing in here.but alright dont give value to who dont value you really but every human are not evil.There is good ones too.You left your boyfriend with no reason interesting.Glad you are friends now.but one even thousand failure doesnt mean we cant be sucessfull.Yes making mistakes is right thing but it is right when we get right lesson from our mistakes.dont fear making mistakes and never lost your hope in this life everything can happen we cant know tomorrow expect judgement day.human being always rewarded for his hardwork and always be rewarded for this.great defeats has a is not being weak.their real cause is impaitence,ending everything when you say it is ended I lost.But I never give up always.good luck to you have a nice day.

Posted by imnotscary

I really feel the need to reply to this. To let you at least know there is another human on this site who has read this message. Thing is, I'm not immediately sure what to reply with. Not 9nly that but I broke my laptop, and while I obviously can type here with my phone, I find it awkward and limiting. I will go and think of some words, then come back a bit later

Posted by norsewarrior18

I’ll be your friend. Your still very important to me and I regret my harsh words towards you. I never cheated and I would never hurt you like that. Your an amazing person Jasmin and you did make me happy.