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Difference between an angel and myself

Posted by princealastor

It's hard to explain

All the feelings that I bottled up,

but how can I tell them

with all this hatred building up,

boiling inside my blood and bones

With no escape to find happiness.

every day I torture myself

Every hour I struggle

each second that ticks by I fear of living

but what I'm scared about most

Is being that someone's angel

An angel smiles,



but I don't feel that way

instead of an empty shell that is left behind

full of regret and guilt

that can't leave my mind

but the memories and scared that I hide

being scared of scared of the real thing

And The truth to be revealed for the whole world to see.

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Posted by will77

I know you said you never wished for me to contact you again but... I’m actually proud of you for telling everyone the way it is. It must have took you a lot of strength to tell the truth. Maybe this is a right step forward for you. Congratulations.