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My main account

Posted by princealastor

Hi gues, for this who are following my main, Snowflake101, I cannot get onto it did to a incident of some sort, I cannot remember my password nd email that I was logged on, so, please do not call me a "lier" when I say that this account, the princealastor, this account is me, Snowflake101

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Posted by princealastor

I'm saying that snowflake is my main and I can't back on the to my kindle having an update causing me to loose everything, resulting in not remembering my email and password

Posted by imnotscary

People keep alluding to a parallel world of bitchy emails on this site. If this is the case can we cut that out? There's no need to call each other liars or whatever. If you have a serious problem with talking to someone else, the best thing is to not talk to them, rather than say horrible things