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The struggle of not being perfect

Posted by ajk94

Since my last post I've come to realise that not being the perfect person really is an issue, I may not be the best looking person in the world but does that make me a bad person? No of course it doesn't and it's these imperfections that make us what we are. The world aspires us to look like people on love island when it just isn't reality, I'm fed up of fighting and having to put up with being treated badly and disrespectfully I'm fed up of feeling like I'm not good enough and all this comes from the world we live in. We shouldnt have to feel this way and until people get a grip of reality it will never change, whether looking for love or friendship it shouldnt just be based how they look from the outside it's the person on the inside you get to know and if you dont get that then how shallow does that make you. There are people who have not had it easy and all they want is for that one person to always be by their side, I look at potential in people and will give my all to make them happy unless they prove they are not worth my time. A true person sticks by a friend through good times and bad times and always there at their hour of need, we all need someone like that.

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Posted by squee

Just let go of your self doubt. Realize we will all be dead soon and that life is too short to fuck around with unrealistic expectations. Where is it written that women find fat guys unattractive? Plenty of good looking women date bigger guys, you just have to accept who you are, be comfortable with your body. Look it's always advisable to lose weight for the sake of your health, but that doesn't mean you should demean yourself or feel like less of a person, either. Just live life and be bold. Show no shame in wooing the ladies, regardless of mean looks or nasty rejection. Some women will find your honesty and boldness attractive. Don't fight who you are. Be who you are, without shame and with no apologies.