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Honestly scared

Posted by thenameshiggs

I'm scared for my mental health and my own life, I am having suicidal thoughts again and feel tired of everything. I've lost important people to me and feel alone and uncared for. Whenever someone tells me now that I'm important to them I cry... because I know I'll lose them. Anyone I ever care about or love leaves me and it hurts. My previous lover... who I loved dearly is still a part of my soul. But she won't even talk to me. All I want is a friend 😞 all I want is love... before I end it all 

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Posted by imnotscary

Well that is not a good thing to be thinking. But you have said it here, which implies that you at least wish to not feel that way. Which is a good thing. This is a tough and unforgiving world, and it can be very hard to talk and connect to people, but I have found this site at least has some people who do not judge and do have similar experiences and feelings. It would be advisable if you are feeling so low, to contact someone who is able to do something about it, such as a family member