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I don't even know anymore

Posted by princealastor

Hi, I'm not doing this to cause hate or any argument, I'm doing this to make awareness of something really serious, I'm not going to say the word just in case of people do have the thoughts, but, for those who just blurt it out like it's just nothing, that's what get pretty bad, I know this because I don't even tell people about it, because I don't A] don't want the attention and B] it's wrong, it's even to even use the topic to guilt trip people to do what they want, like forgiveness, to be in their life as a relationship, etc, etc, it's wrong and can cause serious actions, now, the reason I hadn't told anyone of you about this is because I don't want to cause serious, but, what I do want to say as well is that I've been through 10x worse compared a typical bullying/break up, I hope this message will spread to stop people who is using typics to get their own way.

Thank you for reading and I'm sorry to those are going through a tougher life, I hope you all can find someone or a professional to talk to

-alastor ?

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