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I don't even know anymore

Posted by princealastor

Hi, I'm not doing this to cause hate or any argument, I'm doing this to make awareness of something really serious, I'm not going to say the word just in case of people do have the thoughts, but, for those who just blurt it out like it's just nothing, that's what get pretty bad, I know this because I don't even tell people about it, because I don't A] don't want the attention and B] it's wrong, it's even to even use the topic to guilt trip people to do what they want, like forgiveness, to be in their life as a relationship, etc, etc, it's wrong and can cause serious actions, now, the reason I hadn't told anyone of you about this is because I don't want to cause serious, but, what I do want to say as well is that I've been through 10x worse compared a typical bullying/break up, I hope this message will spread to stop people who is using typics to get their own way.

Thank you for reading and I'm sorry to those are going through a tougher life, I hope you all can find someone or a professional to talk to

-alastor 🥀

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Posted by thenameshiggs

Again. You think everything is about you. You never see the bigger picture... it’s always me me me. I’m not going to say the word as I don’t want to trigger anyone reading my comment and nor do I want to trigger you. I did feel that way and it’s nothing to do with a break up. It’s to do with how you treated me. I’m a human being. I cry I laugh I bleed I think I love I’m not what your making me out to be and if anything you’ve fully contradicted yourself in your blog post. I did feel that way. I never did it for attention or for sympathy. So... don’t write a blog post which is basically about me when you don’t know jack shit about “MY” mental health. You never cared to ask me how I was feeling so don’t try to tell me how I should feel. This is a very black and white situation here. There is no grey or merging colour pallet. I won’t do it because I have a family who love me and care about me and I have friends who care about me too. It’s taking so much mental energy right now to write this in a composed way without swearing or belittling you... because that’s the wrong thing to do. So I’ll tell you the way it actually is. 1. Yeah, you’ve not had an easy life, but it’s no excuse for the way you act. 2. Other people have been through shit. I have and hell,,, It destroyed me. You breaking up with me (I know the reason why.) Was nothing. It upset me sure, and you even asked if I wanted to still be friends and I said yes. But then you just started being callous. 3. You have basically bullied me. Wether you’d like to admit it or not. I’m not a punching bag for your emotions. I would have listened to your problems. But instead you saw me as a problem. So I’ll leave it at that then. Just clearing my own name here so people don’t assume I’m an attention seeker. I don’t know who you are as a person anymore. When I originally met you, you were the kindest and most caring person I ever met. You actually cared about others. But now I don’t recognise you. I don’t think anyone does. Just enjoy your life and get back on track. If you ever need help or feel down you can message me. You’d probably in a dark place in life and don’t know who to turn to. So instead of seeing me as some monster... which I’m not. See me as someone who is also in a dark place. If not then many kind regards and I wish you all the best. And I have moved on from our break up completely. Just hoped we could have been friends.