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My experience at virtual hideout

Posted by princealastor

I know this is a few days late for an update of my experience at virtual hideout, but I'm still gonna write my experience, but first, I'll explain how the place works and then what happened.

|•| About virtual hideout |•|

Virtual hideout is a place in Manchester that works with virtual reality, they plenty of games and genra relating from shooters, horror, puzzle solving, and many more, they have a maximum of 5 rooms holding between 1 to 2 head set per room, they open at 10:45am and close at 9:15pm in the afternoon ranging from 35+ people booking per week, they do advise for 2 people to come if its both of your first time in vr £16 each -£32 in total-, each room can hold up to 4 people -£10 each-.

They accept any payment, cash and card, so there is no worry booking if you only have cash as you can pay on the day, if you want to be really ready, you can use card on the day you book and wait till your session -you must arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your session-, when you arrive, you will have to say your full name so they know who arrived and what's your session is, once you had a seat in the lounge area, a staff will call you up for your vr sess and lead you in, once your ready and set, the staff that had took you in will supervise you, making sure you don't trip and incase you feel a bit Sickly during your session, you will have between 1h to 1h 30mins, depending on when you book, once your session is nearly over, they will let you know when that is when you have 10mins left.

|•| my experience |•|

When I first email the place, I've explained to them how interested I was onto vr, max was very welcoming and he was willing to answer some of the questions I had about them, he was very sweet when I first emailed them, few days later, I've emailed them again and I've gotten David to reply, he was another sweet guy who answered a question I had.

When I arrived at the place, it was very easy to find, the layout of the building was very simple and clean, once I've entered through the doors, I was greeted with David again, he knew who I was by email and meeting him in person was a lovely welcoming, he offered me a seat once he knew I was trying a vr game, when it was my time to come through, he asked some questions if I had any some form of meditation before the session, luckily I didn't except for my asthma.

Once I've settled down in the room I was led to, he got the vr head set ready to go and helped me to put it on my head, making it was comfy for my liking and that it won't fall off during the session, I've had plenty of fun while and worth my £30 for the 1h, he had let me know when my time was nearly up by telling me I had 10mins left and led me out once my session had finished, every single of my experience was fantastic and I would suggest anyone who is interested Manchester to go, their website is, hope those who do tend to go have a wonderful time there.


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