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How can I put this?

Posted by princealastor

Hi everyone, I don't know how to word this, but I'll give it a shot

I may not be accepting ant date requested from what happened a while back, I'm not gonna mention who they are and how it happened as that will stay confidential, tho, it is his/her choice to say if they want to, I'm not gonna have in that in anymore as I don't want to go back there again, cause, I've learned that with me, online dating isn't my best option, cause, 1) I do not know how far they are and 2) it will just end in the wrong way, tho, I do not mind friends, those who understands the situations I'm in as well as they don't ask/miver me about my past life, I'm not going down that path as my past is and will be private, I don't mind being asked about my hobbies and what's my day to day life has been up to, I am perfectly fine as long the line isn't crossed, I just hope people understand that I don't want to remember my past life, cause, that's why everything dies not work out and it will lead into arguments and what not.

I hope people understand.

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Posted by shrektouchedmynan

lmao your past is private, yet you tell everyone you come across you got bill cosbied in the bathroom by some old ass dude. nice try kid.