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(DISCLAIMER) Please read before reading my Analysis

Posted by paigeroxm8

Disclaimer (Please read before reading my Analysis): I do not intend to be offensive to the Neurotypical race I am sure there are some "Good" Ones out there. I am not saying all Neurotypicals are heartless people. I have found some Good ones. I am just merely saying  my views on the mainstream society. By reading my Analysis you understand hopefully that I am not trying to generalise them rather I am just pointing out what confuses me about them. I know that there are good ones out there those that may have some understanding at least of what true love and care is. I do Apologize if I do offend any "Good" Neurotypicals. However a vast majority of the NT's I know are horrible, Vile and cruel people its only rarely I will find any true good ones.  But we are still put down and bullied by the Neurotypical race. I am trying to fight back at the constant bullying we recieve every day. It is unfair that we get picked on and noone fights for our rights. We are united in one culture, One Identity. Yes we are humans but we are FAR superior to that of the neurotypicals. I am trying to fight back at the constant discrimination at the hands of the Neurotypicals. Our brothers are the Allistic community AKA those with Down's Syndrome, ADHD,ADD,Tourette's, Apraxia etc. I REFUSE TO SURRENDER TO BULLYING AT THE HANDS OF THE NEUROTYPICALS. I WILL NEVER SURRENDER. WE ARE ONE BUT WE ARE MANY AND FROM ALL THE LANDS ON EARTH WE COME WE'LL SHARE A DREAM AND SING WITH ONE VOICE WE ARE ONE CULTURE ONE FAMILY.

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Posted by paigeroxm8

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