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I'm starting a blog about dating scams

Posted by lanier2368

I'm starting a website/blog about dating scams and scams in general, and I was given permission to mention it here. It's and anyone who wants to check it out go ahead. I just started it today but I'll be posting various topics relating to dating scams. How to avoid them, what to look out for, and various examples that I have seen myself and some humerous things relating to thescams as well. If anyone wants to check it out and give me ideas, or just to ask any advice or anything check it out. It'll be a good thing I hope.

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Posted by lanier2368

Ya scam accounts are deleted quickly here, this is one of the better sites that are on top of getting rid of them, but that doesn't mean the scam accounts started to get their claws into someone here in the sorry time they are on before they are kicked off, and there are plenty of other dating sites that aren't as good on getting rid of scam accounts.

Posted by squee

Well to be fair, most scam accounts are deleted pretty quickly...

Posted by montydom

Good idea It could be very informative to many on here and help protect people