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You know, when I was little, I was never really afraid of large crowds. Sure I could become shy from time to time, but I also loved showing off and being the centre of attention. As I grew older and life became more popular, I was still okay around crowds in high school or if I was with a group of friends. However, as a teen, whenever I'd be in the city centre or around large groups of people I didn't know, I'd genuinely panic and look for the nearest exit. Well I'm not really like that anymore. When I worked with horses for several years, even though it paid pennies, I was exposed to danger on a daily basis. I was injured multiple times and learned carefully from each mistake. Even though I was around some horses that weren't owned by the riding school and weren't exactly tame, either, I very quickly got used to the danger, the knowledge that one false move could leave me crippled or dead. Eventually, far quicker than I realised, I wasn't afraid anymore. It became normal, something to be cautious of, but not fearful.
Nowadays, while i don't exactly like being the centre of attention anymore, I don't mind large crowds of people anymore, it doesn't scare me. You know, breaking up with the love of my life, then getting into a potentially dangerous career path, I grew up. Woke up, even. So I don't feel anxious around strangers, or large crowds.
You would think that this situation, however horrifying, would be a dream come true for many autistic people. The streets are so deserted. Sure, there's still cars everywhere, but far less than normal. Very few people are going outside and the city of Glasgow seems quiet, almost abandoned. For a lot of autistic people, this allows access to the outside without fear of social interaction. Perfect scenario, right? Well I hate it. I miss seeing people live their lives. I've never seen anythingl ike this and while i'm all for taking every possible precaution to stop the spread of this virus, I do worry about the cost. Society can't just shut down like this, because the economic rammifications alone could bury entire nations. Not only this, but the political landscape is dratically changing. Oh, it was always in a state of flux.. first it goes right, then it goes left, then it goes right again and so on. But this crisis could see long standing institutions like the European Union collapse entirely. The nation of Italy, along with Spain, have been the most affected nations by this crisis. Both made several pleas for financial support and medical aid during this crisis, but they were ignored. The EU has not lifted a finger to help its member states in their hour of need. Not only this, but all member states openly revolted by closing down their borders, when the EU initially ordered them to stay open and even threatened to eject Austria for doing so. This along with one of its top net contributers, the UK, leaving the EU and mostly likely on World trade Organization terms.. when this crisis is over and the blame game starts? The future odes not bode well for the EU at all and while I do not lament its demise, as I voted to leave the EU and have no desire to ever return to it, I do worry about the bitterness this could lead to. We aren't going to see nations leave the EU to recapture their sovereign rights and to stop mass migration that is nothing less than gradual genocide of the native populations, but rather nations will leave the EU out of anger and disgust. This, I do not believe is a good thing. Some europeans nations have even commandeered medical supplies meant for other countries... essentially everyone is fending for themselves and stealing from eachother. Instead of unity, there's anarchy and I truly worry if, when all is said and done, if the lights will once again go out all across Europe and may never be lit again in our lifetimes.

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Posted by squee

Is that really all that you took from what I said? You're literally using this as an excuse to argue with me? And "Such language is inflammatory and I am.concerned as to exactly what "news" sources you are reading." ...What the hell is all that about?! What gives you the right to judge me like that based on my political views? What, because they don't conform to yours? If you dislike my point of view, fine, but you don't tolerate the things that you like, but rather the things that you dislike. What right do you have to concern yourself with whatever news sources I may or may not consume? I'm an individual, dude. I can't think and say what I want and you can be offended all day fucknig long, but it doesn't give you the right to police the way I think, or to curtail my freedom of expression in any way. As for the EU stuff.. where do I even start: The EU has pooled its resources now, but initially it did nothing. That's a fact. Only after nations closed down their borders, despite the EU trying to impose restrictions to keep inidividual members' borders open, the EU had lost all control of the situation and essentially gave up. Only now are they beginning to implement their own stimulus package. But if you really want to know if that's true or not, don't fucking ask me, ask any person in Italy. There was a recent poll conducted recently where Italians were asked if they thought the EU had done enough to help. Over 80% stated the EU had done notihng to help. Look into it yourself, dude, I'm not lying about this or 'misled' which is such a condescending and bullshit thing to say to someone. It's so overused. As for Austria, yes you're absolutely 100% correct. It was not threatened with ejection, although it has been sanctioned by the EU for awhile now due to ideological differences on the solutions to mass migration. So, my bad on that one. poland, however, WAS threatened with ejection. I cite my sources: I wasn't suggesting that EU states sticking up for themselves was a bad thing. I don't know why you would think otherwise. Let me be clear, I think it's a good thing that nations are taking back control. However, from the EU's own perspective, this is not a good thing. The EU constantly talks about European unity and a free open society, but the moment a crisis happens, European nations begin fending for themselves, which is great but also the opposite of continental unity and they're even stealing from eachother! France stole thousands of facial masks and hand sanitizers that were headed for the UK. They had already been paid for by the British government, by our taxes as citizens and the French simply took it. They aren't the only country that has been doing this. Again, I have no problem with countries taking back control, but how the hell do you think this looks for the EU's ideal of a unified Europe? It doesn't look good, does it? Also, it does not matter which term you use. Whether it's genocide, ethnic cleansing or simply demographic shift, the conlusion is the same: the disappearance or otherwise death of an entire ethnic group. When millions of young fighting age men from nations not facing war or any other kind conflict walk into our country, or sail towards it, without seeking any permission, with no desire to truly work for a living(in many cases, not all) that are from inferior cultures(I know you're dying to call me racist, but I said cutlure, not people) that do not have the same progressive values as we do on the notion of not raping women, from cultures that promote large families and where our society can barely keep people married for more than few years, let alone trying to raise any children whilst managing a career, having kids at an alarming rate whilst our population declines? It may as well be genocide. You can disagree with me, argue against what I say and you know what? Maybe what I say is inflammatory.. maybe there's a reason to say inflammatory things, maybe there's a reason to get angry from time to time. But none of that, howeverm uch it offends you, gives you the right to take away my right to say what I want. That's liberty.