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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Life as a vassal.

Posted by squee

Since my last post, there's been a few game updates that have greatly improved the performance. It still lags sometimes, especially in large battles of 700+ soldiers, but I am glad to report that clan Fucknugget is flourishing remarkably well.
I swore my allegience to the Empress of the southern empire, was eventually rewarded my own castle and a few towns to govern. However, it seems that the empire with which I owe my fealty is pretty damn weak and ineffectual.
Not only have I emerged as the strongest, most capable commander in the empire, but I have won numerous battles, even when heavily outnumbered. I've taken a few castles without any support and have managed to maintain an army of fully upgraded troops with very few casualties.

And all I've been doing lately is defending my fucking castle from wave after wave of Battanian armies ranging from 350-700men each army. A few minor factions alligned with the empire, with armies smaller than mine have aided in a couple of the defences, the other times I've had to defend on my own, attacking sieges from behind.

What's the empire doing about the faction that they themselves couldn't wait to declare war upon? Absolutely fucking nothing. I mean the southern empire's armies are out there somewhere, but fuck knows what they're actually doing, because they don't seem to be taking any enemy territory and they aren't aiding me in smashing the Battanians armies, either. I have over a dozen enemy nobles in my castle dungeon. I should be leading the empire at this point, but unfortunately it's not as easy as that :/

Apparently I need to get married, produce a daughter and present her as a marriage proposal to gain an alliance through family ties.
Honestly, at this point, I'd rather just betray the bitch and besiege the Empress' main city, but I don't have the men to do that yet... but soon. Soon the banner of clan Fucknugget shall reign supreme.

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