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The current lockdown and my concerns

Posted by squee

Initially I was in favor of a national lockdown, but now I'm very much against extending it, for several reasons.

Firstly, the lockdown should only have been an attempt to prevent the virus from reaching our country in the first place, which ultimately failed as it was not enacted soon enough and, in some respects, was never enacted at all. While british people are told to remain indoors, planes carrying migrants from Iran, Italy, Spain are all operational and in response, the government stated that there was simply no point in asking them to participate in social distancing, meanwhile Britons are forced to do so by overzealous police.

Then there's also the fact that farmers needed an urgent workforce to harvest crops. The mainstream media makes it seems as if Brits are too lazy and unwilling to do the work,m when in reality nothing could be further from the truth. A lot of Brits applied for jobs in the countryside and their applications were rejected, as the British farmers had instead paid for planes carrying cheap Romanian labour to harvest the crops instead. All while Brits are being told to stay in doors.

I'm sure some of you SJW aspies will take offence to what I'm saying, calling it highly inflammatory, however true my words may be, as ever. I will not ask people who are so woke that they are completely incapable of seeing the larger, more rational picture; to even try doing so. You can just sit in your safe space and take offense all day.

The main problem about this whole situation and the main reason why I am against the lockdown is the sheer economic damage that this is oding, not only to Britain, but the worldwide economy.
The United Kingdom is facing national bankruptcy and many years, if not decades of economic recession and austerity.
This means there could be food and fuel shortages, even famine as other nations' economies collapse. Not only this, but it will mean a rise in mental health related deaths(most likely suicide), a rise in gangs, thus gang related violence. A rise in drug use and drug related deaths and also a rise in prostitution as poverty sweeps the entire country.

We, as a nation, will be lowered to a standard of living that not only are we unaccustomed to, but for many will not be survivable.

Everyone is so motivated by fear, so willing to lockdown an entiure country for months on end, with no real end in sight, without ever considered what the economic damage would actually be. It will be a disaster and unlike previous crisis in nation's history, there will be no big daddy USA to bail us out. No one has the money to bail us out... we're on our own.

If the lockdown is lifted now? Many will die from Coronavirus, however I would very much like to compare the current COV-19 deaths with last years seasonal flu to understand the full discrepency... I wouldn't even be shocked if it turned out just as many people died last year from the flu as people have from Covid-19.
But whether it's a conspiracy or not, I do not care. If you don't lift the lockdown, the country and our futures are potentially now forfeit.

We either accept the terrible losses, or we risk much greater disaster in the future.

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