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A White Dragon's Quest

Posted by princealastor

Hi there, I would love to talk about a game that I may make in the future after Quarantine, it's called "A White Dragon's Quest", now, if I'm wanting it to be a series, I do not know, but what I may know is this,, the game will take a while to process by finding the right people  to help me build the game up ranging from maps, Characters and dialog, I will how ever try to keep you all updated on the game and when it may be launched in the future, buy in the meantime, please be patient, this game may cause me to stress, so yeah, hope you all are safe.

- Princealastor

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Posted by princealastor

The game is gonna be pretty much different, and it was the only thing that came to mind due to a character I have who is a like a white dragon hybrid

Posted by squee

Could you legally call it White Dragon's Quest? I'm pretty sure Square Enix would sue.