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Game name change [?]

Posted by princealastor

Hi everyone, with this game I'm planning to make, I had an idea to change the name from "A White Dragon's Quest" to something else, if your interested in helping on deciding a name, comment below what you think I should change it to, it can be anything you want as long it's suitable.


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Posted by princealastor

Those are nice names, I'll note them down

Posted by squee

Dragon's Guard. Wyvern's Tale. Drake's Song. Wings Of Jeopardy. I'll come up with better ones when I'm not half asleep.

Posted by princealastor

The pretty much about these two sister, Willow -a half bread dragon - and Rose -a half breed demon-, the main player goal is to like protect the younger sister [Willow] as from what was written in the book, she could be used as a type of weapon for either good or bad {depending how they use this power}, there would be other species, 3/4 are like in a close relation with the capital [where the sisters live] so the 3/4 of the character [one from each place] would join the main character by filling quests and such, haven't thought on the rest nuts it's a rough idea

Posted by geneticwolf72

can you let me in on this game ? I'm a programist and I like game as well... working with C# now but I used to program in other language. I did some C++ too but it's hell to debug so... not anymore because I'm too perfectionnist and I want thing done perfectly and well... too much ptr to take care of in C++ laugh....