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I seek for love are any ladies interested?

Posted by doomguy

Hi a long time ago I didnt have a feeling of love but I bored with loneliness somehow,my need for love swelled and now I  feel I need a loyal girlfriend.I accept everyone as they are even other side dont do it and I even ok with that if critics and efforts of changing me less then normal level.I never try change people at any way.My english is not perfect but its quite enough for any mid level job and surviving.My english  accent is classic Turkish english accent but in this accent mostly  your voice is really anoying like my voice but its the clearest accent in the earth cause every word is spoken at moderate speed and without style.I am shy when communicating with someone I dont know and someone I've just meet but when I get used to this person I get chatty.during covid 19 I cannot date annyone except digital world,I can play games,watch movies online and chat or videochat and do other online activities especially things my partner wanted to do.I fear from dogs and insects except insects like small flies but I like cats and budgies.I support the neurodiversity idea but I prefer scientific netural and ethic debate on all subjects.I dont have a political opinion but I dont against them either.I dont have any political opinion cause I dont think ordinary people someone like me cant have political opinions cause having a political opinion is not only activism or organize a protest if we cant have enough time vision and personality   for taking right action for our political wiev like me a ordinary person its better we dont have none of them.but except important jobs and tasks I am lazy and I can get angry easily when someone call me fake autistic or liar.generally I dont have sex with my partner without a marriage but if we marry I will do it if she wants.I dont like anal sex and I ok with other sex sex when my partner wants dominant I let her to be dominant but I want to be dominant also.I usually eat food like hamburger only includes chicken and home cooking.I drink cola water orange juice.I only eat chocolate favourite operating system is Ubuntu gnu/linux distro but I had to use windows due to my digital needs.

Have a nice day  and stay safe ladies.

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