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Bad profile pictures / never reply

Posted by page1

If people are serious about dating on this site?  Some of the profile pictures uploaded really do not do justice.  Loads of photos with people heads being cropped off. Also, some quite innapropriate things to. One person I saw a few months ago took a smiling selfie next to a funeral car with the casket inside!  Also why does no one respond to me when I message, I mean I would not regard myself is the most best looking, but I am certainly not discusting?

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Posted by backroommushroom

T think some just search for friends (which is secondary purpose of the site but still) so good looks aren't so important. Cropped off head isn't relevant when you just want to let others know how your face looks. And about that person with innapropriate selfie, I'm certain they are just acting edgy to draw attention.

Posted by azettner00

I believe in you. I think you can get a girl. I responded because I want to see if there are any more tips to making my profile more appealing. I smile in my picture and I recently started working in a repacking warehouse and I'm efficient at my job.

Posted by sirdood

A great many of the profiles are inactive/dead. As for profile pictures. Yeah, the nonstop use of face-altering filters or just cropping of ones face is a bit much and generally a red flag. Then there's the zero effort profile descriptions, e.g; "My name is, I am friendly and want to chat." and that is the entire profile... I wouldn't think of yourself as the turn-off, so much as it's them wanting something for nothing. Or expecting Mr/Mrs perfect to come crawling to them, despite the fact they've nothing to offer themselves. So they ignore messages. If nothing else I would consider the nonreplies as a bullet dodged in that case.